Although Corporate Social Responsibility is an overused term we at uuuga.com believe in the  power of societies, it is what has driven the innovative approach behind uuuga.  As our organization grows we will provide financial support for causes that resonate with our values and our mission.


uuuga Mission Statement

uuuga exists because everyone deserves access to the best IT resources & the best IT resources deserve the best reward

uuuga will allow the biggest & best IT Service Providers to connect any or all of their resources with an enterprise market using a simple interface

uuuga will significantly reduce the time to buy resources

uuuga will reduce the cost of selling resources and the price to end users

uuuga will help the industry sell excess capacity

uuuga will give access to new markets at no cost and increase competitiveness between  Services Providers

uuuga will ultimately change the landscape of buying and selling IT and ICT resources enabling huge increase in productivity, generating wealth by the advancement of technology

uuuga will empower and enable procurement activities increasing choice and transparency

uuuga is the future

uuuga Values