The online ICT Services marketplace - Who needs traditional limitations


The latest trend in marketing and shopping clearly shows the inclination of majority of people towards online marketplace. The shackles of traditional methods which had its limitations such as: higher cost, lesser speed, lesser creativity, and lesser scope of growth have faded with the online marketplace. The key point in online marketplace is great reduction in overhead. It is a perfect matching medium between people that need something and people who have something to offer. Transactions are handled by the uuuga marketplace ensuring customer satisfaction; the right skills are matched and both buyers and sellers Rate each other on their performance. Meanwhile the uuuga Sellers are all well know ICT service providers who get the benefit of selling their services to new customers and removing the costly ‘bench problem’. The outdated business practices are fading away and even the reliability and governance of this new marketplace outweighs that of the old one due to the significantly reduced risk – no lock-in contract and only pay for the resources you use! Flexibility on designing, issuing, running and evaluated long and costly RFP processes are over! The biggest advantage of this over traditional market is its flexibility and efficiency. Gone are the days when people had to go through a 6 – 18 month and costly procurement or RFP process (and even worse be tied up in a long-term contract). The uuuga marketplace gives the facility of quickly and easily finding sellers and sellers’ Service Inventory. Marketplaces can be seen as significant link through which ICT products and services can reach business partners worldwide. For buyers of ICT services, the benefits are numerous and completely unlike the current model. By working through uuuga, buyers will; • Get more flexibility in finding the right resources • Make significant costs savings (typically 30%-50%) • Not have any contract lock-in which drives flexibility for your organisation • Be provided with a report on the buying process. This solves the Board-Level issue of Governance and removes significant costs in any organisation to do business. The ICT Services market is extremely mature and has not had innovation in the services model for decades. uuuga provides significant benefits for both Buyers & Sellers to break the mold and achieve significant business advantages.