UUUGA Announces $120M Joint Venture with OCS Global; New partnership aims to develop the Australian marketplace


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, DECEMBER, 2015 - The team at UUUGA have announced a joint venture with Australian based sales company OCS Global. The new partnership will aim to further develop the Australian marketplace.

 UUUGA is a recently launched platform that offers a hub for business-to-business ICT services. Buyers and sellers use the platform to connect and collaborate over various professional, consulting, and IT services. UUUGA is quickly expanding and becoming known as a way for businesses to save time and money on professional bench ICT services.

 Rod Vawdrey, a globally renowned Top 50 IT leader and non-executive chairman at UUUGA, said, “UUUGA represents the most significant change in the delivery of IT services since the advent of outsourcing. The UUUGA platform delivers highly qualified IT resources from the world’s leading vendors to government and corporate clients, when you need them and where you need them, in an easy to use self-service marketplace, and it has significant cost savings for clients and massive productivity gains for vendors. The right skills, delivered on shore or offshore at competitive rates in a highly efficient procurement, assignment and deployment model.”

 By partnering with Global, UUUGA hopes to further develop Australian business whilst also freeing up management resource to build the USA and UK market entries.

 About the exclusive join venture, UUUGA Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Rushton said, “UUUGA is absolutely delighted to form this joint venture with OCS. They believe in the unique value proposition that UUUGA offers customers as the way forward to buy next generation ICT services.”

 Together, the companies will work to drive forward the market for business to business ICT services by adding further value and expansion in the Australian marketplace.

 Michael Stanyer, Director of OCS Global said, “Our team is pleased to work with UUUGA. We know that UUUGA is the next stage of evolution for the IT industry, and it provides the next step of industrialization of buying and selling ICT services and resources. We are delighted to partner with UUUGA, as we can see the value that this differentiated approach brings for both buyers and service providers.”

 Through the UUUGA platform, service providers can offer their ICT solutions, and buyers can seamlessly search through available services to find a vendor and solution that fits their needs.

 More information can be found at https://uuuga.com.



 UUUGA is the world’s first next-gen platform for business-to-business ICT services, offering a platform where buyers and sellers can connect for various professional, consulting, and IT services.




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