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Australian Startup UUUGA Launches

New B2B platform seamlessly connects clients with fast, cost-effective ICT services 

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 3rd NOVEMBER 2015 - The founders of UUUGA have announced the official launch of their platform. The new Australian startup is designed to give businesses the upper hand when it comes to finding professional, competitively priced ICT services with fast turnaround.

UUUGA founders Matthew Rushton and Chairman Rod Vawdrey bring a vast amount of IT and business knowledge to the table, and the team is excited to offer the world’s first next-generation, integrated marketplace for business-to-business ICT services.

A newly released video shows how UUUGA works, as well as the benefits of using the platform.

Enterprises, including businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities, can now utilize UUUGA to connect with worldwide ICT services, including consulting, and IT services. By providing a single-source for industry leading “bench” services, UUUGA helps companies save money and time when it comes to finding and hiring professional ICT services.

In a quickly expanding and evolving economic atmosphere, ICT services are playing an increasingly large role in business operations. Organizations  are seeking out more flexibility in finding the right IT Professionals whilst seeking out significant cost saviongs.

UUUGA’s ICT services platform offers a network of ICT professionals from Service Providers who offer leading-edge services in one single place. Customers can simply search for their desired services to use one or more sellers’ services, with UUUGA matching and finding the right resource according to the Buyer requirements.

According to Rushton, co-founder and CEO of UUUGA, “As you are all too aware, the market for IT and in particular ICT Services is extremely mature, continues to grow and is very stale! Buyers are not achieving the level of flexibility, agility or the cost efficiencies they require, and the service providers are under constant pressure to ‘reduce their bench’, reach new customers and increase profitability; the upshot is a very mature market that is rife for disruption!”

UUUGA challenges the status quo by delivering a comprehensive platform where buyers and sellers can interact, fleshing out all the particulars of projects and resources of all sizes and requirements. UUUGA makes it possible for businesses to find reliable, flexible IT professionals, and the platform helps companies reduce overhead, receive fast turnarounds, and have full control over their projects.

For sellers, UUUGA makes it easy to reach new markets with control over workflow. Sellers can reach clients anywhere and anytime with their specialized IT services. The integrated platform offers a striking back office that makes it easy for sellers to track orders and analytics.

Further information about this groundbreaking new business-to-business ITC services marketplace is available at


 About UUUGA


UUUGA is the world’s first next-gen platform for business-to-business ICT services, offering a platform where buyers and sellers can connect for various professional, consulting, and IT services.






Phone: Matthew Rushton, Co-founder & CEO +61 400 301 784


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin/company/uuuga