About us


uuuga is the home of something really cool - Next Generation ICT Services.

uuuga is the world's first B2B marketplace for the purchase and sale of IT resources, enabling buyers & sellers to profitably and transparently trade human resources for successful IT projects with full governance and contestability  


uuuga delivers:

* MATCHED candidates according to Buyer requirements

* Video profiles

* Video interviews

* Training & Certification

* Best use of internal, panel or market resources

* Full Governance, Audit & Reporting



By creating a business-to-business ICT Services Marketplace, uuuga can give organisations back control, deliver rapid speed and significant cost savings without a long-term commitment



"uuuga represents the most significant change in the delivery of IT services since the advent of Outsourcing. The uuuga platform delivers highly qualified IT resources from the world’s leading vendors to Government and Corporate clients, when you need them and where you need them, in an easy to use self-service market place, the has significant costs savings for clients and massive productivity gains for vendors. The rights skills, delivered on shore or offshore at competitive rates in a highly efficient procurement, assignment and deployment model”

Rod Vawdrey - Global IT Leader


uuuga is the leading platform for connecting enterprise and government with the Professional services, consulting and IT technical world.  We are the world’s new market place

If you’re looking to buy individuals for short or long term projects or wanting a fixed price project.  You want audit trail, governance, absolute lowest cost and high speed access to the world’s global leaders……

uuuga IT!

 For ICT Service Providers, uuuga provides a great platform to find and service new global customers, plus proactively increasing customer reach and driving profitability. 

If you’re looking to sell your bench, short or long term, no lock in to the world’s enterprise and government.  If you want to enter new customers, markets and geographies…….

uuuga IT!